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It was a very dark night and the old house was completely quiet. Suddenly...

It was a very dark night and the old house was completely quiet. Suddenly interesting case was in Poltava. There people podeshovke bought a large apartment in the center, in a new building, on the top floor. Repair went well, the first few months after the housewarming too. It started small. With disease, tapping, scandals. And then in a large way. This family consisted of husband, wife and daughter. Husband sharply with the successful businessman turned into a drunken old man, died in the house all the plants. Steps were heard on the ceiling "tramping company of soldiers," the constant knocking and ticking of the clock. Let me remind you flat on the top floor. But most of all suffered from his mistress Marina home, so it is completely attached to it and over it in every way izgolyalsya. Child permanently dropped from the bed, choked and pinched. Where is Marina just was not and that just did not do. Three years lasted this Hell. Magee, ekstrasensy- "ekzortsizty", which not only advised. A great many, the famous magician, is rolling out the egg, the second least-known and promoted, sold tea bags and told to burn. Burn does not burn, and ride Do not ride need a resul

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