Помогите написать сочинение на английском на тему "призраки в доме"
С таким началом:
It was a very dark night and the old house was completeiy quiet. Suddenly, ...

Suddenly i heard someones laughing. I was surprised, because no one was in that house. I looked forward, but no one was there. Than someone said "GO!" and the big stone fall down. I wanted to go out of that house, but door was closed. I cauldnt open it. I closed my eyes and started to think that it is dream. But soon i opened my eyes and saw one baby ghost with red eyes and with toy. That toy was speaking. I dont remember what he said, but i am sure that he said to baby to kill me!!! I shouted "Go away. I dont afraid of you!!" She came to me and touched to me, than shouted "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". And with baby i shouted too. Sudden I opened my eyes and realised that it was only dream

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