Дополните предложения, употребив глаголы в скобках в страдательном залоге:

1. I wanted to help but saw that the table ... (to lay) already. 2. I under­stood the rule after it... (to explain) to me twice. 3. She did not want to speak to me. I realized that she ... (to tell) already about my decision. 4. The door was locked. I hoped the key ... (to leave) under the doormat by my mother and so it was. 5. I was very angry that my name and ad­dress ... (to give) her. 6. We had better buy bread now. I dont think well be back before eight and the bakery ... (to close) by that time. 7. The old houses ... (to pull down) by the end of the year.

1 had already been laid
2 had been explained
3 had already been told
4 had been left
5 had been given
6 will have been closed
7 will have been pulled down

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