Part 4. Put the verbs in the correct form of the passive voice. 1. My room (to clean) every week. 2. This film (to show) last Sunday. 3. They (to ask) at the lesson tomorrow. 4. New Year (to celebrate) all over the world. 5. This book (to publish ) next month. 6. She (to award) a prize last year. 7. The letter (to write) yesterday. 8. The rules (to explain) by teachers every lesson. 9. The post office (to close) on Sundays. 10. Betty (to meet) at the station yesterday.

1. is clean
2. was shown
3. will be asked
4. is celebrated
5. will be published
6. was awarded
7. was written
8. are explained
9. is closed
10. was met

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