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Some of the most sociable and friendly members of the animal world - members of the family Delphinidae. These include dolphins and porpoises. Their mother feeds milk, so dolphins are mammals. They - warm-blooded. They have sharp teeth, and their head ends mouth, like a birds beak. The main food of dolphins - fish, shellfish and small animals.

Conventional dolphins have a length of about 1.6 meters. Head slightly protrude. At Dolphin great growth with 80-100 teeth. Top Dolphins have a black or gray in color, and the belly they white with black fins. A porpoise that lives in all latitudes from Greenland to North Africa - one of the most peaceful dolphins. In search of food, it can even go in the river and tear fishing nets.

But fish it eats crustaceans and even algae. So she tries to stay in the shallow water, where she has many food. The name "dolphin" is related to the ancient Greek legend. According to her the god Apollo, becoming a dolphin, the settlers have a way to Delphi, which was founded by the famous Temple of Apollo. The name "porpoise" comes from the Latin.

I enjoy these friendly animals - dolphins.

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