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As they say in a Russian proverb , do not have a hundred rubles , and a hundred friends . When a man has friends, it is very good . One person is very bad . For each person it is important that he had friends . But how much can be friends ? In fact there may be many acquaintances and few real friends .Especially good if you have a best friend . What is the best ? This is a friend who will always understand , do not leave in the lurch and help . That such a man should be valued and respected. But still it is very important to evaluate himself . Sometimes it is necessary to think about whether I am a good friend , that I am ready and I can do for your best friend . It is not necessary to demand from the other , it is necessary to demand from ourselves .First you need to become a best friend to someone. And then just appear best friend . How does a person to other people , and for him to be treated .Best friend not condemn , and support the poor and definitely not teach . Best friend appears only after some time , when many things passed and experienced. True friends are learned in a trouble . But what can destroy a friendship , its money. Therefore, it is not necessary to combine friendship and money .

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