Составить сочинение на одну из перечисленных тем: drought, flood, global warming, what is a greenhouse effect, nuclear disaster, oil spill, the influence on ozone layer, pollution, recycling, saving recources, wasting recources, the influence on environment) 20 предложений (около 100-150 слов). Помогите. Пожалуйста!!!!!

Pollution - it is a curse for the society and life. All kinds of pollution, including air pollution, water, noise and food contamination, significantly affect the residents Zemli.Rassmotrim some kinds of pollution podrobnee.Zagryaznenie vozduhaVozduh is one of the most important elements of the environment that sustains us. It is a natural gift and a free resource. Air contaminated by various methods. Ground vehicles and fuel oil are used to produce smoke. The smoke is mixed with air and thereby pollute it. Factories and plants are also responsible for air pollution, because they also create smoke. Polluted air containing CO2, CO, NO2, SMP, SO2 and lead oxides. People in most cases it breathe polluted air.vodyVoda pollution is also an important element for the survival of living beings. Water polluted by waste from factories and plants in most cases. Sometimes farmers use excessive means to kill insects and fertilizers. Drinking water in which these substances were very dangerous for zdorovya.Pischevoe zagryaznenieBolshaya of the food and snacks sold on sidewalks, street corners and along the road. Such food is prepared under conditions of polluted air. People want it there because of the habits and greed. These unsanitary foods are also harmful for our zdorovya.Shumovoe zagryaznenieShumovoe pollution affects everyone. The noise of cars, factories and other industries really boring and unbearable. This results in hearing problems, headaches, mental suffering, tension, mental imbalance and migreni.Dlya combat these pollution we have to take some steps. We should stop polluting the air with smoke. To do this, we must reduce the amount of gasoline cars and all vehicles on the road. If it is possible, we will avoid contamination of lead oxide. We should plant more trees. We need to produce and consume more fresh vegetables to avoid food contamination. We should not listen to music at full volume. We must also prevent the construction of factories in the city. They must be built in accordance with the stringent standards and ogranicheniyami.S this purpose should be adopted by the Law on Environmental Protection. Approved and executed in order to get clean is not polluted planet. People need to be aware of the negative effects of air pollution. Thus, we can protect our nature.
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