Complete the sentences with the words the box.
1)Ive got one little brother. Soon im going to have ... .
2)This winter weve visited France. Id like to go to some ... European country now.
3)Two of my close friends are in Moscow now and all ... have gone to kiev.
4)I know the name of two songbirds. One is the canary and ... is the nightingale.
5)Some people like to play sports , ... prefer to watch them.
6)Can i have ... postcard , this one is very dark , i dont like it.
7)Some people are warm and friendly , ... are not.
8)Theyve been to London , but they havent been to any ... places yet.
Слова для вставки: other, others , another , the other ,the others.

Можно слова с коробки.

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