Fill in gaps with the correct form of to be going to
Are you going to play football today?
No I am not. I am going to write a report for our school newspaper.

What ____ you____ to do in the evening
I __ _____to skateboard with my friends.
_____ Andy _____to come to the party?
Yes he_____.he _____ ______to bring cds.
Where ____ you_____ to spend the weekend?
We___ _____ to visit my granny in London.
_____ Harry and Emma ________ to have a picnic?
Yes they ______ . They have invited all their friends.
_____ Ashley _____ to act in a school play?
No, she ________ . She is very busy now.

1)What ARE you GOING to do...
I AM GOING to ....
2)IS Andy GOING to...
Yes he IS.He IS GOING to bring....
3)Where ARE you GOING to spend....
We ARE GOING to visit...
4)ARE Harry and Emma GOING to have....
Yes they ARE...
5)IS Ashley GOING to act....
No she IS NOT.
Внимание вставленные слова я выделил КРУПНЫМ шрифтом.

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