Complete the sentences below with correct forms of the verbs in brackets.
1.What ____(happen)to you?
2.The accident_____(happen) last Sundey afternoon.
3.We____(just/return)from our holiday.We___(stay) at a very good hotel.
4. They _____(never/ buy)new cars
5.We____(do)our shopping last Monday.
6.Ann____(take)a lot of nice photographs lately.But last weekend she ___(take) very few.
7.I____(write) 2 letters to Jane this month.But last month I ____ (not/write)any.
8.Yesterday John___(find)some money and ____ (take)it to the police.
9.Mozart____(live)from 1756 to 1791
10.Kate likes travelling.She_____(visit)a lot of countries.

1.will happened  2.was happen  3. just return,will stay 4.never buy 5. will 6.took 7.will write 8.found, took 9. was lived 10. is visits

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