Поставить времена Present Simple, Present Perfect, Present Continuous, Past Simple, Past Continuous.
1.Alice ... (not to take) the bus to school every day. She usually ... (to walk) to school...
2.(to take) … you the bus to get to school or ... (to walk) you?
3.Who is this man? I ... (to think) that I ... (to know) him, but I ... (to forget) his name.
4.The children ... (to have) a good time in the park yesterday. They ... (to give) small pieces of bread to the ducks. Then they ... (to take) pictures of themselves.
5.Where are the children? They ... (to watch) TV in the room now. Some minutes ago they ... (to play) a game.
6.Now I am in my class. I... (to sit) at my desk. I always ... (to sit) at the same desk.

1. doesnt take, walks
2. Do you take, walk
3. think, know, forgot
4. had, got, took
5. are watching, played
6. am sitting, sit

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