Present , Past , Present Perfect:check
write the verbs in the correct tense:

13. When I phoned her, she ______ her homework. (do)

14. We ______ for three-and-a-half hours when John finally arrived. (wait)

15. When I shouted, they ______ off the roof and ______ away. (jump/run)

16. Dont phone her just now. She ______ to her boss. (talk)

17. Oh! You ______ a shave! You look strange without a beard! (have)

18. I ______ military service for eighteen months. This is my last month. (do)

19. We ______ for about four hours when we realised that something was wrong with one of the tyres. (travel)

20. Mary will be ready soon. She ______ a bath at the moment. (have)

21. Sorry, I ______ . Could you say that again please? (not understand)

22. We ______ in the cafe until the rain stopped and then went home. (stay)

23. ______ here before? (you be)

24. There was nobody at the office. Mr Brownlow ___ the staff to go home. (tell)

25. I signed the register and ______ upstairs to my room. (go)

26. He had been working in the garden, but he ______ when he saw us. (stop)

27. I couldnt drive to work because Mary ______ the car. (use)

28. How many times ______ him since he went to Edinburgh? (you see)

29. Peter and Jane ______: I could here them from my room. (argue)

30. I ______ him since he started working here. (never trust)

31. Im worried. Why ______ yet? (they not arrive)

32. Theyre very angry. They ____ to see you for the last two or three hours. (try)

33. I wanted to help with the washing-up, but they ______ it. (already do)

34. Its the most comfortable car I ______ (ever drive)

35. Peter was cleaning the flat and. John ______ (make dinner)

36. I had a pleasant surprise when I got to my room: someone ______ some flowers there for me. (put)

37. ______ that we should tell him tomorrow? (you agree)

38. They couldnt leave the studio when I called because they _____ a film. (edit)

39. I ______ the machine for some time when I realised that there was no ink in it. (use)

40. When he warned them about the police, they ______ the country. (leave)

41. Dont make a noise: the children ______ to sleep. (try)

42. Oh! You ______ a new dress! (buy)

43. She ______ here for several years – four or five now, I think. (work)

44. We ______ in the sunshine for about twenty-five minutes when I suddenly felt sick. (sit)

45. Hell be ready in a moment. He ______ his shoes. (clean)

46. I ______ listening to their complaints all day. One of these days Ill tell them what I really think. (hate)
47. I ______ down on the bed and fell asleep. (lie)

48. I think I ______ him somewhere before. (see)

49. I couldnt get into the car, because the children ______ the car keys. (hide)

50. Peter was meeting someone that night, so I ______ at the office and ______ for a few hours. (stay/work)

13.was doing
14.were waiting
15.jumped and ran away talking
17.have had
18.have done
19.have traveled having
21.didnt understand
22.have stayed
23.have you been here before?
24. has told
27.was using
28.have you
29.are arguing
30.I have never trusted
31.why havent they arrived
32.were trying
33.have already done
34.have ever driven 
35.was making
36.put(past simple) you agree
38.were editing
39.was useing
41.are trying
43.has worked
44.were sitting cleaning
50.have stayed,have worked

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