Помогите сделать канспект на тему пожарная безопасность

Fire safety
Fires cause immense material damage and, in some cases accompanied by the loss of life. Therefore, the protection against fires is a critical responsibility of every member of society and is conducted on a national scale.Fire protection is aimed at finding the most efficient, cost-effective and technically feasible ways and means of preventing fires and their elimination with minimal damage at the most rational use of forces and means of extinguishing.Fire safety - its state of the object, which prevents the possibility of fire, and in the case of its occurrence using the necessary measures to eliminate the negative impact of hazardous factors of fire on people, buildings and propertyFire safety can be ensured measures of fire prevention and active fire protection. Fire prevention includes a set of measures aimed at fire prevention or reduction of its effects. Active fire protection - measures to ensure a successful fight against fire or explosive situation.
Тут про всю пожарную безопасность, я думаю это то что вам надо)

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