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На английском языкеПеревод на русский языкWestminster AbbeyВестминстерское АббатствоThere are many places of interest in Great Britain, particularly in its capital city – London. Millions of visitors a year arrive in London to see the sights of the city. One of the most attractive constructions is Westminster Abbey. It attracts visitors not only with its architectural glory but also with its rich history and cultural importance. Westminster Abbey is the place where many outstanding Englishmen are buried, among them well-known poets, writers, scientists, statesmen, painters and many others. Many people who visit the Abbey want to commemorate such great men as William Shakespeare, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, Robert Burns, Bernard Show, Lord Byron, Walter Scott, Geoffrey Chaucer, and many others. The history of Westminster Abbey dates back to the Middle Ages or even the earlier times, as 900 years ago St. Peter found the first church on the place, where the Abbey is now situated. The present building appeared during the reign of Henry III. There is one more reason why people are highly interested in Westminster Abbey. According to the ancient tradition all English kings and queens were crowned and wed here. There is something special and wonderful about this building and it’s not only because of its impressive height and size. People who visit it for the first time are startled by its beauty and glory.

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