Задание :Write the questions and then answer them.1. Where / you / go / now. Пример: Where are you going now? To the park.2. What / you / wear / right / now. _________________________________________3. What / be / the / weather / like / today. _________________________________________4. What / your / parents / do / at / the moment. _________________________________________5. What / you / time / get / up / every / day. _________________________________________6. Which / season / you / like / most. _________________________________________

2. What are you wearing right now? - A nice dress. (или) I am wearing a nice dress now.

3. What is the weather like today? - It`s warm and sunny. (или) The weather is warm and sunny today.

4. What are your parents doing at the moment? - They are watching TV. (или) My parents are watching TV at the moment.

5. What time do you get up every day? - At seven o`clock. (или) I get up at seven o`clock every day.

6. Which season do you like most? - Summer. (или) I like summer most.

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