Past Simpl.
Вариант 1.
1. Составьте утвердительные и отрицательные предложения по образцу.
Example: I didnt go ro New York, I went to Chicago.
1) We...Jack, we...David.(see)
2)They...a Volvo, they....a Fiat. (buy)
3)We... The pizza, dogs. (have)
4)He...a letter, he...a postcard. (write)
5) the theatre yesterday, the disco. (be)
2. Составьте предложения из слов.
1) a question, him, I, ask, didnt.
2)went, Sue, last week, on holyday, to Spain.
3)painted, last year, the hous, we.
4)ate, a pizza, yesterday, they, for dinner.
5)didnt, stay, last summer, we, at a hotel.
6) buy, when Jake, did, the ticket?
7) eat, so many, he, sweets, why,yesterday, did?
8) they, from, did, come, English, when?
3. Составьте к предложениям вопросы.
1) She spent her summer holidays at the seaside.
2) My friend was at the cin ema esterday.

1) We..didntsee .Jack, we.. saw .David.(see)
2)They. Didn’tbuy ..a Volvo, they. Bought ...a Fiat. (buy)
3)We.. didn’thave . The pizza, we. Had dogs. (have)
4)He. Didn’twrite ..a letter, he. Wrote ..a postcard. (write)
5)She.. wasn’ the theatre yesterday, she.. was .at the disco. (be)
     I didn’t ask him a question

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