Сочинении о воспитании маленьких детей на английском языке

When you are 16 or 17, you want to be treated like an adult (1), to be more independent in your actions and your way of life. You want to develop interests and values different from those of your parents. That sets a conflict between the two generations, the generation gap (2). Young people disagree on different problems: the time to come home at night, doing work about the house, the friends to spend free time with, what clothes to wear and so on. At this period of our life we face a number of problems: difficulties in our relationships (3)with parents, problems at school, drinking alcohol or using drugs.   Different TV programmes and magazines for the young come to help teenagers, give a piece of advice. In case of need you can also dial a special telephone number, the so-called telephone of trust. ,   But its not the way out. Parents should help their children though it is difficult to betolerant (4) and to find the right approach to them. We need to learn to talk our problemsover (5) in our family. If we are able to do it everything will be all right.

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