Transform direct speech into indirect
1. Mary asked: “Where does John live?” 2. Helen asked me: “How long have you lived here?” 3. Mr. Smith asked us: “Do you understand this exercises?” 4. I asked John: “What time is it?” 5. He asked me: “Do you have to work tonight?” 6. John asked: “Is it raining?” 8. 7. He asked me: “Are you going to the movies with us?” 8. She asked: “Did you see that movie?” 9. He asked me: “When are you leaving for Europe?” 10. He asked me: “What does the word mean?” 11. I asked him: “When did you read that book?” 12. He asked me: “How are you today?” 13. I asked her: “Is John here?” 14. She asked: “Do you like my new hat?” 15. I asked her: “Where is it?”

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