Определите видовременную форму глаголов в предложениях.
Hog-breeding is an important branch of animal husbandry. Hogs produce
meat (pork), fat (lard) and skin. They grow and develop more rapidly than any other class of farm animals. The best pork breeds produce meat at 4 to 5 months. That
is why during a year one may fatten two generations of hogs.
The male pig is called a hog, the female pig is a sow, and the small piglets
are often called just pigs.
A sow usually produces from 6 to 12 piglets at a litter. The fattening of pigs
usually begins from an early stage of growth.
Hogs are the most efficient converters of feed into meat among farm animals. It takes about 3,5 pounds of feed to 1 pound of gain.
There are about 700 million heads of swine in the world with more than 40%
in China alone. Many nutritious products are made from pork - bacon, ham, sausages, canned pork and so on. Hog skins are used for producing leather.
There are a number of pure breeds of pigs such as Black Breed, White Breed
and others. The hog fits especially well on dairy farms where there is plenty of
milk, butter milk and whey. Dairy by-products, small potatoes and many other
household wastes.

1-5 предложения -present simple 6.present simple passive7-11-present simple.12-13present simple passive 14-16-present simple

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